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Chabad House Budva

A home for all


Welcome to the first Chabad House in Montenegro - a place where Jewish culture, cuisine, and community come together to create a unique and inviting space for all.

Our House boasts a range of facilities to meet the needs of our community, including a social gathering space, a beautiful synagogue accommodating up to 100 visitors, a fully stocked library, a well-equipped office, and a kitchen for all your culinary needs.

But the heart and soul of our House lies in our renowned Kosher restaurant, serving up a delicious array of traditional Jewish cuisine and refreshments. Our restaurant is open to all guests, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to those seeking to experience the richness of Jewish culture and cuisine.

While our primary mission is to unite the Jewish community in Montenegro, we are proud to offer a space that celebrates and shares Jewish cultural heritage with everyone.

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