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Cryptocurrency accepted here 

Located on the Zavala Peninsula, in the heart of Montenegro's Budva Riviera, Dukley Gardens - a complex of luxury residences on the Adriatic Sea, also known as the Dukley Hotel & Resort, is rightfully considered one of the best luxury resorts in the Mediterranean region.

The Dukley Resort has various options, including either renting, or even owning residences. The complex is ideal for both year-round living and investment purposes.
Buying luxury apartments with 5* hotel service, you not only have the opportunity to spend your beach vacation here, but also to receive income from renting out your apartments during any periods that you do not use them.

Dukley also offers a unique investment opportunity - a guaranteed annual return of 6% of the price of the apartment!
At any stage of owning properties within the Dukley Resort, they can be included in the rental pool of the Dukley Hotel & Resort and rented out through Dukley’s management company.

By purchasing real estate in the Dukley Gardens complex, you have the opportunity not only to obtain a Montenegrin residence permit, but even to become a citizen of Montenegro.

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