Dukley Hotel & Resort is a serene oasis furnished with every amenity, set against the backdrop of one of Europe’s most striking historical sites and, just beyond your residence, all the pleasures and diversions that the Budva Riviera has to offer.


We offer complete privacy with sweeping views of the Adriatic Sea, direct access to the coastal estate’s exclusive beachfront, and a selection of stylish drink and dining venues.


With a total of 50 rooms and residences, each one of them is designed to exude a distinctive setting and vibe.


Our intention is to offer a place you can call your own, regardless of your purpose for travel.


Alongside the spacious and elegant interiors, wisely using what nature has provided, Dukley Hotel & Resort has created unique places of indulgence to ensure that no moment is wasted - 3 private beaches, a Pool Club, 4 restaurants with different cuisines, a conference hall, and up to 7 unique event venues.



Our renown and popular venues are: 


Dukley Seafront Restaurant - International & Mediterranean fine dining


Dukley Beach & Bar - Best Private Beach in Budva with a restaurant menu


Key West Beach & Restaurant – Fun Caribbean Restaurant at the beach


Escape Beach & Restaurant - Relaxed Seafood restaurant at the beach


Infinity Pool Club – Pool with a view & authentic Italian Pizza

At Dukley Hotel & Resort our goal is to create an all-around unique and fulfilling experience for all of our guests, ensuring that each day is a new enlightenment. Not only by offering advanced and outstanding service within our resort but also by creating a memorable experience in our wonderful minuscule country.


Our tentative staff goes above and beyond to meet any expectations and demands, providing 24/7 service at hand and ensuring that the comfort and security or our guests are of the utmost importance.


We are your hosts, your guides. We are there to cover every aspect of your day, solve any insecurities and ensure that you carry a smile on your face throughout your day.


We have created a place where you can truly replenish yourself, a place where you will feel like you are a part of an exceptional world, but with the comfort and convenience as if you were right at home.


Outside the gates of Dukley, the world is at your fingertips: yachting, diverse nature, endless activities, a boasting nightlife, and everything else one might desire. There are no boundaries.


Inside Dukley Hotel & Resort, guests are offered a harbor filled with the security, peace and pleasure which everyone seeks for.


Welcome to The New Mediterranean!