Dukley Resort’s – maritime environmental approach

Blessed to be located within private paradise at Dukley Resort, doesn’t imply that our natural context is enjoyed, experienced and loved only.  It also means that Dukley brand is fully dedicated to consistent and comprehensive environmental protection, preservation, and improvement of its land and particularly maritime wealth. 

In the same way we treat our plants, grow our citrus fruits, or cherish our olives in order to enjoy our own organic olive oil, the same way we are aware of uniqueness of our Dukley Beaches costal area. Comprised of three private beaches, each of those with its distinctive sea and landscape morphology, ecological, sustainable and environmental health aspect of this Mediterranean pearl is our first priority.

In order to ensure previous, Dukley Resort entered continual cooperation to achieve White Flag International standard for its marine zone.  White Flag symbol stands for exceptional cleanliness and preservation of life, both in and above water as our most precious resource. This ensures that sea area is inspected, cleaned and maintained on regular basis with seabed treated annually as requirement for White Flag standard renewal.  

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