Special guest of Key West Montenegro

Special guest of Key West Montenegro​

 Key West Chef de Cuisine, Dubai

Cooking is his passion. The kitchen is his home.

Born in Fort de France, Martinique, the guest star of Key West from Nikki Beach, Dubai has begun his gastronomic journey at the early age of 17.

After his freshman period at The Roof Garden, the passion-driven chef has focused on the hotel industry with his first roots being set at The Royal St. Lucian


Throughout the years his passion and drive grew stronger as he progressed through, such as holding the position of Chef de Partie at The Landing Resort, the operating in the UK within countless leading venues.

His main endeavor was a five year long challenging experience as Executive Chef at The Big Chef Steakhouse along with Tapas on the bay at St. Lucia, Rodney Bay.

When the winds of change blew his way, he found himself on the tiny Island of Canouan in the Grenadines, working for Canouan Resort the Pinks Sands Club, a 5-star luxury resort, where “the billionaires come to escape the millionaires”.

Compelled with desire to spice up and boost his career, seeking for the ultimate location where he would apply his knowledge and skillset, Chef Olivier joins Nikki Beach Resort and Spa in Dubai.

The rest is history.

Chef Olivier now joins in on the newly formed partnership between Nikki Beach, Dubai and Dukley.

Bringing a unique gastronomic experience to the Adriatic, we have asked the chef a few questions to introduce the concept behind Key West and the Caribbean/Latin cuisine it offers.

Why did you choose to become a chef? Did you study/intern for it?

I feel like the kitchen chose me.  It’s my love for food, I just had to be a chef.

I have been spending time in the kitchen for as far as I can remember, cooking with and for the family. Sunday is the biggest culinary family day in the Caribbean.  Cooking is my passion, the kitchen is my home, it’s where I belong.

What are the challenges of being a Chef?

No matter how fantastic the product is, what makes a real impact is how we manage to deliver the experience.

How can you keep a menu new and surprising?

Our Key West flavors are a mix bag, and there is something everyone can enjoy. The diversity of technics, flavors, ingredients, keeps this an exciting cuisine, and one that is always evolving.

Dish you are most proud of creating?

My original Jerk chicken recipe. Bold with just the right amount of spice.

Have you experienced Montenegro’s local cuisine? Do you have a favorite dish?

So far, I have only tried the food at Dukley. Am I blown away? Yes! The octopus with the squid ink pasta was amazing, equally was the seafood Risotto, and between the passion fruit cheesecake and the caramel cake choosing a favorite is almost impossible.

How do you feel about the collaboration between Key West, Nikki Beach and Dukley?

I am very excited about the collaboration between Nikki and Dukley especially the fact they both represent in my opinion the future of the industry. So, this collab will bring a new spin an already concept between 2 trendsetters.

If you had to choose a favorite from the menu, what would it be?

One favorite, nope. Selected favorites, yes! I would highly recommend the lollipop wings, the stuffed jalapeños, the Ribs, Chicken and fish tacos to name a few. I could easily mention every item on the menu as we select only the best to create no disappointments.

How much of a different culinary experience does Key West’s menu offer and how would you introduce the cuisine to those who haven’t tried it yet?

Key west brings diversity. The cuisine we off is limitless. With the use of fresh ingredients, our dishes take your taste buds through a story of the Caribbean, for a culinary experience like never before.