Get lost in the ambiance of A gentle breeze, SOUNDS of the waves and the calming hands of our professional massage therapist

1. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is a massage therapy using highly concentrated herbal or the so-called essential oils which are usually added to the regular massage oil or lotion. The sense of smell receptors are linked to the region of brain known as the limbic system. It controls the emotions and influences the nervous system and the hormones.

2. Lomo Lomi:

Lomo Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage which combines a set of massage techniques, nut oils and sometimes the elements of prayer, breathing and dance, to restore energy and soothe the body. It is commonly known as the loving hands: it works very gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax providing a full relaxation of the entire body.

3. Thai:

The traditional Thai massage is the ancient healing method combining a wide and targeted acupressure and stimulation of energy lines known as sen, with the yoga-like positions. The effects of this massage grow when the recipient stays utterly calm and makes deep breaths.

4. Osteopathy:

This is a therapeutic massage delivered exclusively by hands. Its principle leans on the diagnostic of the entire body, followed by adequate therapy. The therapist concentrates on certain blockades causing the muscle, ligament or bone structure spasms.

5. Face Lifting:

Treat yourself with a face lifting without surgeries: have a face massage which will make your face reflect smaller in the mirror. Similar to the facelift techniques, such as face yoga treatment, this massage affects the circulation by addressing the unwanted inflammation points.

6. Emperor’s (4 hands):

In the Emperor’s massage, two therapists work together and simultaneously on one client often using synchronized moves. For instance, your arms or legs are massaged at the same time. Alternatively, one therapist is working on your right, while the other is massaging the left side of your body.

7. Massage Therapy for Your Internal      Organs

This massage is performed by an experienced therapist who uses both hands to move and relieve fascia limitations in your stomach and pelvis, thus enabling a normal functioning of your internal organs.

8. Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

Manual lymphatic drainage is a kind of a gentle massage aimed at enabling a natural drainage of lymph, and preventing the transport of harmful substances from the tissue to the heart.

9. Montenegro Deluxe:

(combination of several massages + desired package)

10. Body Peeling:

Body peeling is a spa treatment removing the corneal layer of epidermis, making your skin fresh, smooth, hydrated and soft. The abrasive product is rubbed into your skin and then rinsed off leaving the layer of a fresh, pure and silky skin.

11. Sea Power:

(60min relax massage + algae package) Sea algae hydrate the skin thanks to their minerals and enzymes. Stimulating the circulation, it also invigorates the skin tissue and gives it elasticity. With this treatment, you will have a simple and swift body shape, giving it a needed detoxification. It can also reduce the cellulite. A 4-6 treatment package will bring the finest results.

12. Sweet Touch:

(60min relax massage + honey massage) Honey massage provides a healing effect of honey and its beneficial ingredients. During this massage, honey’s substances are absorbed into the skin directly, while Sweet Touch has another great benefit: relaxed and stretchy muscles.

13. Chocolate Heaven:

(relax massage + chocolate) Certain black chocolates significantly reduce the heart attack risk, improve the heart condition, protect the skin from harmful effects of the Sun, and improve circulation. The chocolate treatment helps the removal of dead skin cells.



Enjoy an early morning massage, a lazy afternoon massage or a magical sunset one!

Course (minimum 5 procedures)

1. Stress Free:

A relaxing massage to relieve the stress caused by the everyday life.

2. Healthy:

A therapeutic massage which may be used even as a segment of a wide healing plan. It helps to improve the muscles tone, increase flexibility and relax the body.

3. Beauty:

A special massage is aimed to reduce the cellulite. Other benefits of the beauty treatment are the following: relieve contours on thighs and gluteus, reduction of trapped fat, improvement of texture and skin features through the removal of dead skin cells.

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