Additional Health and Safety Measures


Dear guests,


We would like to share with you the activities that Dukley Hotel & Resort has implemented in order to ensure our guests and residents are safe while staying with us.


We invite you to experience the best care of your comfort and joy while being away from home.


Front Desk highlights


• In room check-in with no hassle at your own privacy. Dukley Hotel & Resort guests can skip Reception and proceed to their own residence upon arrival.


• Virtual Concierge service: To provide more privacy to Dukley Hotel & Resort guests, each penthouse residence is equipped with a smartphone for online assistance.


• All apartments are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each departure as well as while you are staying with us. All cleaning procedures are strictly followed and supervised according to Housekeeping procedures.

• Each residence is maintained at least 24 hours vacant prior to each arrival.

• Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers are available in each residence as well as in all public places.


• Towel sets packed individually and placed in apartment.


• Early check-in and late check-out available upon request.


Housekeeping highlights


One of the indisputable advantages that Dukley Hotel & Resort offers among high-standard cleaning services is in-house Laundry facility. It gives us full control of laundry service and there’s no third party involved.


To ensure our residents are safe while staying with us we have introduced the following preventive measures:


Indoor cleaning and maintenance

The entire cleaning process operates according to a Top-Down system – all the disinfecting cleaning supplies are carried in designated containers, which are pre-packed in advance.


All the wet-cleaning tools (mops, towels and rags) are delivered to the residences in ready-touse special packaging and are single-use.


Apartment areas have been separated into different zones and Housekeeping team uses different cleaning equipment and supplies for each area:


 • Dining area: Housekeeping team cleans and disinfects areas with the use of active oxygen spray that is eco-friendly certified for use in food areas. The operating temperature of the dishwashing equipment is a minimum of 65 degrees.

 • Bedroom area: Hard surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with the use of active oxygen spray that is environment, children and pet safe. Upholstery is steam-cleaned. Atomizers will be used during housekeeping service. The equipment is very effective due to micronsize powerful spray of biocidal solution, which is non-toxic and safe for the environment.

 • Bathroom area: Housekeeping team uses liquid acid-free disinfectant cleaner for sanitizing rooms. All surfaces are disinfected with active oxygen.



All chemicals are used for each area in accordance with World Health Organization recommendations and are safe for all of our residents and employees.

Textiles and linens are put in special laundry bags and handled carefully.

All rooms are ventilated daily.


Outdoor cleaning and maintenance

All door handles, handrails and railings are cleaned daily in accordance with World Health Organization recommendations.


Common area cleaning and maintenance

All public area entrances are equipped with disinfectants.


The proper functioning of air ventilation and air exchange equipment is constantly checked and maintained.



Operational activities

• All employees have regular medical check-ups. Employees’ temperatures are also measured upon reporting to duty.

• All employees are provided with face masks, gloves, shoe covers, disinfectant wipes and appropriate uniforms according to work standards and World Health Organization recommendations.

• Housekeeping procedures have been updated according to World Health Organization guidance and are strictly followed.

• All hand-carry items, luggage and strollers are properly sanitized upon check-in.