Where every pebble has a story.




Surrounded by tranquil blue waters and mesmerizing cliffside views Laguna Beach by Dukley is sheltered between the pine tree forests which reign over the Zavala peninsula.


Laguna beach respires with a sense of seclusion, an idle surrounding for families and friends at any given time of the day.


Featuring delectable specialties combined from the freshest ingredients the Adriatic Sea has to offer, Laguna’s sea food restaurant will take you on a gastronomical journey yet to be experienced.


Supporting our local fishermen, which deliver the freshest seafood to Laguna’s doorstep, our talented chefs are here to dazzle you with their creations.




Fabulous food is only one aspect of your dining experience here. Amongst all three beaches, Laguna is the perfect spot for family gatherings, offering a variety of kid-friendly activities.


As the sun sets over Budva, you can delight in a night swim and pleasing sounds of a saxophone or a guitar every single night.


The shimmering candlelit atmosphere will take you back to those carefree moments and let you rejuvenate as you sip on our finest wines.