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Recharge. Rebalance. Revive.

Replenish yourself in our Body & Mind Studio, designed to empower not just your body, but mind and spirit as well. 


Unique training philosophy of the Body & Mind Studio is based on purposeful intelligent and mindful movement derived from completely personalized approach. Each training plan is distinctive and starts with a detailed static and dynamic postural assessment, crucial for creating individualized training methods and achieving maximal effectiveness of every move. 


We know that everybody is unique, which is why we found a unique fitness concept to suit your every need and want.


Guided by the expert team of Body & Mind studio, who will monitor your every step, you will raise your body capacity to a new level, improve the quality of movement and breathing, increase the level of awareness and energy, and finally – strengthen your spirit.



Using state-of-the-art equipment, the Body & Mind studio offers unique trainings:


- Yoga

- STOTT PILATES® programs

- PROGRESSIVE® programs


- Programs for professional athletes



STOTT PILATES® is one of the most respected international school of modern Pilates, based upon classical learning and upgraded with new knowledge from the theory of training and kinesitherapy.

The emphasis of this method is on preserving the natural curves of the spine, improving core stability and strength, as well as improving scapular stabilization, neutral joint position and proper breathing.

By balancing between strength and flexibility of muscles, STOTT PILATES® will safely improve your posture, reduce back pain and hip muscle tension. 

With this kind of training, you will build a body of vital muscle tone, enviable strength and mobility, and above all, a healthy spirit. STOTT PILATES® includes training on mats with a large number of props and training on Pilates equipment.

STOTT PILATES® offers a range of customized programs with different levels of intensity.



PROGRESSIVE® is a new training technology based on the latest scientific research on the structure and function of the human body. The focus of this method is the "beauty of movement", which means efficient energy distribution, painless movement, connection of mind and body, good balance between strength and flexibility and most importantly - enjoyment of movement.


PROGRESSIVE® is a precise and creative training program that combines different training methods, adding play and freedom to the movement in an innovative, intelligent and health-oriented way.


This is an original method of the Body & Mind Studio, which has been continuously upgraded since 2000 and which has been divided into two special programs – recreational and professional training system


The PROGRESSIVE® name and its variations are trademarks of the Body & Mind Studios.




Recharge and rebalance your mind, body and spirit through yoga classes. With its positive effect on the physical, mental and spiritual health, yoga will help you get rid of stress and worries of everyday life and reconnect with the new you.



Vinyasa is based on connecting breath and movement into a fluid and creative array of positions. Also called “meditation in motion”, this type of yoga leads to deep concentration thanks to a continuous “flow” of asanas. With practicing Vinyasa you will achieve ease of movement, both on the Yoga mat and in everyday life. 



Ashtanga Yoga was developed by the great guru T. Krishnamacharya in the early 20th century, and it is said to be derived from an ancient manuscript called the Yoga Korunta. The foundation of Ashtanga is the connection of breath and movement in a series of asanas (vinyasa) which are always performed in the same order. A regular practice of Ashtanga Yoga clears the mind and makes the body stronger and more flexible



Hatha Yoga enables perfect self-knowledge, excellent health, longevity, inner strength and vitality to the one who performs it correctly and consistently. It deals with the physical body and energies, and involves body purification exercises that calm the mind and discipline the body. Traditional Hatha Yoga is performed through a sequence of Sun Salutations and several basic asanas in which one stays for a long time. 




Prenatal and postnatal programs of the Body & Mind studio are carefully designed to help you have a healthier pregnancy, easier labor and delivery, as well as easier time after you give birth.



Body & Mind Studio PRENTAL program combines several complementary methods, each of which contributes to a healthy pregnancy and faster recovery after childbirth. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and STOTT PILATES® are the main methods of this program that, combined together, contribute to proper breathing, safe mobility, optimal stability, maintenance of muscle tone, better circulation and risk-free relaxation.


Combination of these methods creates an efficient system and versatile repertoire of exercises of restorative and preventive character. The program is implemented in small groups with the use of small props, while within the semi-private mode Pilates machines are also used. All exercises of this system were designed and modified by doctors and physiotherapists of the respective schools, which confirms the safety of their application.



Created with regard to the method of childbirth and lactation, this program aims primarily to activate and tone the deep and superficial muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis, and to increase the mobility of the spine and all joints. This program uses the contents of the DNS and STOTT PILATES® methods the most.

Every pregnancy and childbirth leave a mark on the body and only with a specially designed program it is possible to reduce the present dysfunctions, reactivate inhibited muscles and create a good basis for safe reinforcement of recreational training of higher intensity.


FIT MAMA Program

Body & Mind’s FIT MAMA program is designed to achieve the body transformation of new mothers. It includes the application of all elements of DNS, STOTT PILATES® and PROGRESSIVE® fitness training. As a result, the program improves fitness, strength, posture and quality of movement, it builds a slim and toned body, and improves breathing, awareness and self-confidence.

PROGRESSIVE® Conditioning workout programs for professional athletes


Modern fitness training in the Body & Mind Studio includes a number of methodologies of training and technologies of diagnostics, with the aim of optimizing performance, preserving and improving the health of athletes and increasing their motor knowledge, education and competence.


In order to achieve top results of our athletes, our PROGRESSIVE® fitness training system is individualized, based on diagnostics and closely related to the sport in question. It takes into account the individual condition of the athlete and the specificity of the sport. In addition to increasing endurance, strength, speed, agility, coordination, balance, etc, PROGRESSIVE® conditiouning workout program also reduces the number and severity of injuries, delays fatigue reactions, speeds up the recovery process and improves overall training.


PROGRESSIVE® is the first system in this area that integrates modern Pilates, Yoga and DNS method (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) in the fitness preparation of athletes, conducting them with regard to the competitive seasons of athletes. As an integral part of a larger system of fitness training, all modalities of work are carried out in accordance with the athlete's diagnostic tests, the specifics of a particular sport and position, and mostly for the purpose of increasing motor control, movement correction and injury prevention.

Fitness training in the Body & Mind Studio is carried out by a highly educated and specialized team of experts who analyze and organize fitness programs and their effects. Fitness training in the Body & Mind Studio is intended for all categories of athletes and all ages of both sexes.


Advantages of the PROGRESSIVE® conditioning workout programs:

- Conducting of initial, transitive and final diagnostics

- Development of individualized prevention protocols and training programs

- Increasing all functional and motor abilities

- Increasing motor control and correct biomechanical patterns

- Reduction of muscle imbalance

- Improvement of morphological status (weight gain, decrease in subcutaneous fat, etc.)

- Increasing the awareness, motivation, focus and satisfaction of the athlete

- Clear insight into increasing specific abilities

- Reduction of the number and severity of injuries

- Accelerating the rehabilitation process

- Accelerating the recovery process

- Achieving the highest level of preparedness

- Application of modern sports methodologies and technologies

- Athlete education

- Complete care for the athlete's readiness, health and quality of life

- Athlete independence


Thanks to this unique approach to training, athletes of the Body & Mind Studio achieve top sports results and reach their potential easer.

PROGRESSIVE® Sports Diagnostics


Diagnostics in sports includes initial testing that is important for creating a training program, as well as transitive and final measurements that determine the progress of the athlete and the success of the entire program. 


Diagnostics in the Body & Mind studio is a complete system that combines several methods which enable our team of experts to get a complete picture of the functioning of the athlete's body.

PROGRESSIVE® Sports Diagnostics includes:

- Anthropological assessment

- Measuring Lactate levels

- Static and dynamic postural assessment

- Biomechanical assessment

- Analysis of gait and running mechanics 

- Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Tests / DNS

- Neurokinetic testing / NKT

- Functional Movement Screening / FMS

- PROGRESSIVE® test batteries for assessing motor skills


- Motor-cognitive abilities assessment with WittySem system

- OptoGait system for assessment of injury prevention and rehabilitation


Based on the obtained results, an individualized prevention protocol and training program is made.

Body & Mind Studio is a pioneer of this individual approach based on a detailed analysis. That is why we are the first choice for a large number of professional athletes.



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