More than just a game zone!

Kids Club


Located in the heart of Dukley Hotel & Resort, our Kids club is far beyond an ordinary resort nursery.


Arts, crafts and board games, educational programs, culinary inclusive practices, and exploration of the stunning nature provides its little guests unforgettable experience.


Dukley Hotel & Resort cares about its small and important tenants and guests.


Therefore, we have created the concept of a children’s holiday to establish a sense of relief for both you and your children:


Kindergarten – for our guests who would like to enjoy an extended stay and need a daily children’s program with full meal included.

Kids Club – a specially equipped area for children’s recreation, accompanied by educators and animators, which offers wonderfully inventive activities with a local twist.

Dukley Kids Club is more than just a game zone. 


It is established on Maria Montessori’s method of education, which is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.


In our Kids Club children make creative choices in their learning, while the educators and animators offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.


This is a thoughtful place where the child will be:


  • involved in an active game (a zone of sporting shells and mobile games)
  • able to find a secluded place for recreation (a zone of huts and hammocks)
  • participating in cognitive activity (a zone of developing games and project activities)
  • able to enjoy tasty snack (a cafe area where the most favorite and healthy children’s dishes are prepared for them to savor)



09:00 – Kids Club opens to younger guests

09:00-11:00 – Active games on the Kids Club beach (Dukley’s beach)

11:15-11:45 – Breakfast

11:45-14:00 – Thematic programs at the Kids Club 

14:00-14:30 – Lunch 

14:30-16:00 – Thematic programs in the Kids Club / Creative workshop within the Open Heart Studio


16:00-16:15 – Snack time


16:30-19:00 – Active games on the Kids Club beach (Dukley’s beach)


We offer an option to extend your child’s stay whether for a whole day or even just a few hours while you enjoy your time at Dukley Beach Lounge Restaurant.


Languages: English and Russian.


The age of children is from 4 years.



Per hour – 8 €

5 hours – 40 €

7 hours – 70 €

Whole day – 85 €

After hours can be arranged by appointment. Please contact our Customer Service for further information: +382 69 170 017

Open HeArt Studio



A platform for all your creative dreams!


We present our creative studio - a workshop, a place for parties, original and inventive birthday celebrations, exhibitions, and fairs.


Our multitalented team of professional artists leads master-classes for children and adults and enables participants to develop their artistic skills - make unique art objects in various techniques, paint and decorate everything you can imagine.

Autumn-Winter-Spring Studio program

MONDAY, 16:30-18:00


Embark on master-classes with the artist Julia Volkova!


Learn to draw with ink, acrylic, oil - we will master several techniques and study the materials.


We study unusual techniques, draw sketches of nature, draw from memory, and illustrate a literary text.


Each lesson is a new challenge!



Suitable for children ages 8+ and all adults.



Group - 10€, Individually - 20€

    Master Julia Volkova

    TUESDAYS, 16:30-18:00


    We will study art from all sides!


    Join us as we go through the great artists of different eras, their style in art, and the life of that time.


    Each class has unusual creative tasks, with the help of which you will not only immerse yourself in the history of world painting but also show your creativity.



    Group - 10€, individually - 20€


    WEDNESDAY, 16:30-18:00

    FRIDAY, 15:30-17:00


    We invite everyone to master the fine art and craft - ceramics!


    Learn how to make dishes, sculptures, and many different items; burn and color everything you can think of using various techniques.



    We create pots for plants, vases, and small sculptures.


    All materials and firing are included in the price.


    The price for one hour of work in the workshop - 10€


      TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, 16:30-17:30


      Fundamentals of modern choreography for Children 6-13 year old


      Teacher: Una Egorova (choreographer, director).


      Study with us the techniques of the leading European schools - gymnastics, stretching, stage movement, the basics of acting and dance.


      What will the kids learn: flexibility, coordination, the ability to express oneself in dance, as well as ease of communication, presentation and performance, enhancing thus their artistic abilities and overall skills.


      Monthly subscription - 45€


      Classes will be held until December 2, and will continue again in February.


      MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS, 17:30-18:30

      TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, 16:30-17:30


      With the Robotics course, children get acquainted with three-dimensional graphics, print on a 3D printer, learn how to create cartoons and animations, work with various electronic components and an Arduino microcontroller, and create applications for Android.


      At the end of the course, kids will assemble and program an electric car toy and participate in races!


      Price: 10€

        CONTACT US: 


        +382 69 342 419

        We want your kids to have an exciting and unforgettable time while 
        we provide you with some well-deserved rest and relaxation.