Season Closing Party​

September 21st / 17-22h

September 21st / 17-22h

“Sometimes we become our own doppelgangers.

We still look the same but behave like someone else.” SM

Join us on September 21st at Key West Beach and enjoy an artistic double act, created by Special Star Guests – twins Brice & Régis Abby.

Abby Double aka Doppelganger is a duo composed of the two French visual artists and Dj/producers based in Paris, questioning unicity in duplexity and duplexity in unicity.

The music orientation of those Parisian hit boys stretches from 80’s New Wave to Mash up, Deep House and Techno.

The two fashion accomplices already played for several events in Paris, Milan, Munich and London,  such as the Royal Albert Hall for the last World fashion awards; for the most luxurious brands like Gucci, Emporio Armani, GQ magazine, Jaguar, Pirelli and many more.

50 € ticket per person includes unlimited food & drink consumption

Welcome drink: “Doppelganger” double shot

Are you ready to become someone else?

Welcome your inner doppelganger at Season Closing Party!


Info & reservations: +382 69 160 003