As something much more than an ordinary luxury resort and residential complex, Dukley boasts cutting-edge, high-quality art which is presented through permanent and temporary art exhibitions, as well as street art pieces scattered across the Zavala peninsula.


Curated by the world-famous gallerist Marat Guelman, Dukley Art simply moves you - it provokes and inspires, delights and intrigues, leaving you hungry for more.

Permanent Exhibitions 
Dukley Gardens | Villas 31, 32 and 33 

Working hours: 14:00 - 18:00


Permanent exhibitions are held at Dukley Villas, and boast numerous avant-garde artworks by artists such as Yura Solomko, Sonja Đuranović, Sergey Gorshkov, Igor Gusev, Andrey Lyublinsky, Gleb Skubachevsky, Ivan Pyushch, and many others.


True art lovers can get a better taste of the Dukley Art on a private tour with Marat Guelman, that can be arranged on request.

Temporary Exhibitions 
at Dukley Gallery | Dukley Residences 

Working hours: 09:00 - 19:00



“Animate/Inanimate Matter” by Ivan Tuzov



Dukley Street Art

Discover a unique world of art intertwined with the Dukley’s evergreen gardens, made to complement and highlight the natural surroundings with its whimsical shapes and vibrant colors.


Let your imagination soar as you walk through the Dukley Gardens, our open-air gallery filled with beautiful sculptures, murals and art installations by some of the greatest artists such as Valery Kazas, Andrej Ljubljinsky, Ivan Gorshko, Yevgeny Dibsky, Antonina Fathulina, Vlada Jurashka and Vasily Dmitryuk.